Who's left in National's "mainstream New Zealand"

  • Steve Maharey
Social Development and Employment

Don Brash's constant attacks on an ever-growing number of New Zealanders makes his pitch to "mainstream New Zealand" alarmingly narrow, Social Development and Employment Minister Steve Maharey said today.

"Don Brash keeps telling us that he stands for mainstream New Zealand," Steve Maharey said. "What that means is that Don Brash stands against couples without children, working mothers, public servants, cultural industries, members of unions, new New Zealanders, Maori, single parents and New Zealanders who are homosexual.

"This excludes at least 1.7 million people so far from 'mainstream New Zealand'."

Steve Maharey said it was time for Don Brash to come clean with who he thinks mainstream New Zealand is.

"Who's left in Don Brash's mainstream New Zealand? He seems to have a fixed idea of who mainstream New Zealanders are, but he won't front up and tell us. Just as with tax policy, National continues to be fuzzy on the detail and big on the talk.

"This is classic smear politics and is line with Brash's billboards, which imply that if you're a member of an Iwi, you aren't a Kiwi. National's only hope in this election is to stir-up resentment and division.

"Labour will continue to work for all New Zealanders. That's the responsibility that comes with government.

"National will continue to play on the fears of the few, and that's the weakness that will confine them to the opposition benches."