School curriculum sound

  • Marian Hobbs

Three reports commissioned as part of the stocktake of New Zealand's school curriculum indicate that the curriculum is sound, Associate Education Minister Marian Hobbs said today.

"The national curriculum plays a vital role in the education system," Marian Hobbs said. "Its effect is indirect but the curriculum can either promote or inhibit learning. The studies and research indicate that, for the most part, the curriculum fosters learning."

Critiques of the curriculum were commissioned from Britain's National Foundation for Educational Research and the Australian Council for Education Research. Teachers' perceptions of the NZ Curriculum Framework were researched by Waikato University.

Both international reports found the curriculum statements, which progressively replaced teachers' syllabuses for years one to 10 students during the 1990s, stand up well to international comparison.

The Waikato University research found that teachers find the curriculum useful and flexible, but would like it to contain more guidance on how to meet the needs of an increasingly diverse student population, including Maori and Pacific students.

The reports are available on the Ministry of Education website: