Auckland Central MP welcomes generous gesture for Hauraki Gulf Marine Park

  • Judith Tizard
Arts, Culture and Heritage

This Sunday in a ceremony involving Conservation Minister Sandra Lee and Auckland businessman and landowner Rob Fenwick, 360 ha of coastal property will be covenanted under the Reserves Act to protect it in perpetuity from mining the high-quality aggregate that lies beneath it.

“I would like to warmly thank Rob Fenwick and his family for their ongoing generosity to Auckland and to New Zealand. This is the latest in a history of generous gestures by the Fenwick family to preserve and protect New Zealand’s heritage and environment,” said Judith Tizard.

“The Hauraki Gulf is important to every New Zealander for its scenic values, unique islands and coastal landscape, bountiful fisheries and gradually flourishing native bird-life, which all need to be protected.

“I remember being on the select committee during the long and drawn-out but vital process of creating the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park. I would like to congratulate Sandra Lee for doing such an excellent job of coordinating, promoting and extending the Park.”

Judith Tizard said she hoped Rob Fenwick’s gesture would be the first of many contributions by Hauraki Gulf landowners of properties with ecological significance to the region.