Investigating and prosecuting serious crime

  • Margaret Wilson

Budget 2002 allocates Crown Prosecution services and the Serious Fraud Office more money to fight serious crime.

Attorney-general Margaret Wilson said the $1.149 million increase to the SFO's baseline funding over the next four years would allow more cases to be investigated, while maintaining investigative capabilities.

"It will ensure SFO has the number and calibre of staff it requires, meets its increasing operational costs and enhances investigators' capability to combat e-crime.

Crown Prosecution services will receive an additional $7.904 million over four years to meet extra costs flowing from a growing workload.

The extra funding will cover the costs associated with the greater number of cases coming through the system, largely in the criminal area, and would also cover the increase in the Crown Solicitor fees effective from 1 July 2002.

"The reality is that there are more crimes of greater complexity being committed, and the public rightly expects the necessary investigations and prosecutions to be done quickly and efficiently," Margaret Wilson said.