Death of Trevor de Cleene

  • Helen Clark
Prime Minister

Prime Minister Helen Clark today paid tribute to her former colleague, Trevor de Cleene, saying the former Labour MP would be remembered for his commitment to his beliefs along with his wit and irreverence.

"Trevor and I entered Parliament together in 1981 and became, and remained, firm friends throughout the difficult years associated with the fourth Labour Government, and notwithstanding the fact we often had different views.

"He was a very strong supporter of a number of women Labour candidates, including myself, at a time when female representation in Parliament was at appallingly low levels.

"Trevor was a marvellous parliamentary orator and held his own with the likes of David Lange and Sir Robert Muldoon.

"As a person Trevor lived life to the full. He grew up in a state house, went to university, worked as a lawyer, became an MP and a minister. He enjoyed many outside interests ranging from hunting and horse racing, to music and literature.

"Our thoughts today are with Raewyn, and Trevor's family," Helen Clark said.