Goff introduces anti-terrorism Bill

  • Phil Goff
Foreign Affairs and Trade

Foreign Minister Phil Goff has introduced an anti-terrorism Bill to Parliament today to strengthen New Zealand's ability to deter and react decisively to international terrorist acts.

The Terrorism (Bombing and Financing) Bill will implement New Zealand's obligations under two anti-terrorist treaties; the International Convention for the Suppression of Terrorist Bombings and the International Convention for the Suppression of the Financing of Terrorism.

"The Bill will create the offences of terrorist bombing and financing of terrorism. New Zealand supports the development of a strong framework of international treaties against terrorism, and once the Bill becomes legislation New Zealand will be able to become party to these two important anti-terrorist treaties," Mr Goff said.

Under the treaties New Zealand will cooperate internationally to ensure the investigation of offences and extradition or prosecution of suspects.

"The perpetrators of terrorist acts must be brought to justice. There must be no impunity for terrorists. This Bill enables New Zealand to do its part, and prevents any terrorist from being able to use this country as a safe haven.

"These two treaties will bring to eleven the conventions signed up to by New Zealand to combat particular types of terrorism.

"New Zealand condemns terrorism in all its forms and we will play in full our part in the fight against it," Mr Goff said.