This table shows scheduled meetings held by the Minister relating to ministerial business, which have been recorded in the Minister’s diary. It does not include meetings that relate to the Minister’s personal, party political, or parliamentary/constituency roles (such as time spent in the House of Representatives or at one of its select committees, as these are already matters of public record). Travel logistics are not included. It may include meetings which were in the diary but did not eventuate or were placeholders, and may not include unscheduled meetings. Where the portfolio to which a meeting relates is indicated, please note that it is possible material in another portfolio area could also have been covered during the meeting. Please also note attendees to a meeting change frequently so this table may not contain an accurate record of all attendees. Matters that may not be included in this proactive release include information that might breach the privacy of a person, relate to decisions still under active consideration by the Minister, or matters of national security, consistent with the grounds under which matters might be withheld from release under the Official Information Act 1982.