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Hon Paula Bennett

Paula has lived in Auckland since 1992, first in the North Shore and now in West Auckland. She grew up in Taupo.

She became a Minister of the Crown in 2008 after being elected to Parliament in 2005.

She became MP for Upper Harbour in 2014 with a majority of close to 9,000 votes, after having served as MP for Waitakere for six years.

Upon National taking office in 2008, Paula was made Minister of Social Development, a role she held until October 2014. She describes the positive impact she was able to make in the lives of our most vulnerable as one of the highlights of her career so far. Paula’s tenure makes her the longest serving Minister of Social Development in New Zealand’s history.

Now ranked number five in Cabinet, Paula is the Minister for Climate Change Issues, Social Housing, State Services, and Associate Minister of Tourism and Finance. She’s excited by the synergy between her new portfolios and remains focused on making sure Government delivers results for hard-working Kiwis.