Submission process for Partnership Schools

John Banks Education

Many people have shown an interest in Partnership Schools |Kura Hourua. 

As the Minister responsible for this policy, I warmly encourage everyone to participate in a crucial stage of its development.

The legislation required for Partnership Schools to operate was introduced to Parliament last month. 

It is now at the stage where all New Zealand citizens, permanent residents, and organisations are able to have their say at Parliament.  You are invited to make a written and, if you choose, oral submission to the Education and Science Select Committee.

The full Parliamentary Process is:

Process for legislation


We hope that the process will be complete and the legislation will be passed before the middle of next year.  If you have or your organisation has an interest in the Partnership School concept, then the Select Committee stage is the time to be heard.

In case you have not made a submission before, I have assembled a list of frequently asked questions that may be helpful for making a submission:

What is the Select Committee? 

A Select Committee is a group of around 10 MPs whose job it is to consider public input on new laws as they are being made.  It has the ability to make changes to a bill before it becomes law.  In this case it is the Education and Science Select Committee that is responsible for hearing public input no the Education Amendment Bill (2012).  I have listed the MPs on the Committee below.

When do I submit? 

Written submissions are now open, and close on January 24th.  If you indicate that you would like to appear in person then the Committee may call you after the date.

How do I submit?

You can either upload an electronic document here (scroll to very bottom of page) or you can send two papercopies to:

Education and Science Select Committee
Select Committee Office
Parliament Buildings

What Should I Submit?

There is no set format for a select committee submission, however a good submission should allow the reader to see the following information easily (remember, they may have to read many so it pays to present clearly)

  • Which Committee you wish to submit to (Education and Science)
  • Which bill you wish to submit on (Education Amendment Act 2012)
  • Who is making the submission, and if the submission is on behalf of an organisation, how many people does it represent, how have you consulted them?
  • Do you wish to appear in person and make an oral submission?  (This will likely involve traveling to Wellington however the committee may travel to hear oral submissions in other cities if there are a number of submissions from elsewhere)
  • Do you support or oppose the bill?
  • Do you have comments about specific clauses of the bill? (the actual bill can be downloaded here)
  • What are your final recommendations (remember the Committee can recommend that the Bill proceeds, does not proceed, or proceeds with changes)

The Select Committee stage is an important part of making new laws.  I hope you or your organisation will consider participating by making a written submission and perhaps speaking to it in person.

For more information you are welcome to contact my office on (04) 817 9496

Yours sincerely,


Hon John Banks,

Associate Minister of Education

*The Committee members are Claire Curran (LAB) Tracey Martin (NZF), Nikki Kaye (Chair, NAT), Colin King (Dep. Chair, NAT), Nanaia Mahuta (LAB), Catherine Delahunty (GRE), Simon O’Connor (NAT), Scott Simpson (NAT), Sue Moroney (LAB), Megan Woods (LAB), and Jo Goodhew (NAT).