Protecting families

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The Government has announced a cross-Government package to better protect victims of family violence.

While we have the lowest crime rate in 35 years, violent crime is not falling as fast, and half of all murders are family violence related.  Addressing this fact is an important part of delivering better public services for New Zealand families.

The cross-Government package aims to increase the safety of family violence victims, reduce the risk they will be re-victimised, and make services more responsive to their individual needs.

The Government is committed to keeping women and children safer.  We will:

  • Strengthen efforts across Justice, Police, Corrections, and Courts.
  • Establish a Chief Victims Advisor to the Minister of Justice to advise on the needs and views of victims of crime.
  • Test an intensive case management service which would provide specialist support for family violence victims at high risk of serious harm or death. 
  • Establish a nationwide home safety service to help victims who want to leave a violent relationship.
  • Review the Domestic Violence Act 1995 to ensure the system keeps victims safe and holds offenders to account.
  • Explore the possibility of a conviction disclosure scheme which could allow people to ask whether their partner has a history of violence.
  • Trial mobile safety alarms with GPS technology for victims so they can immediately notify Police of an emergency, and their location.
  • Introduce legislation to allow courts to stipulate GPS monitoring on high-risk family violence offenders. 
  • Work on the recommendations the Government has accepted in whole, or in part, from the Expert Advisory Group’s report on Family Violence and strengthen existing initiatives that are making a real impact in communities.
  • Develop a comprehensive, long-term approach to break the cycle of family violence through focusing on changing attitudes and behaviours towards family violence, and using early interventions for drug and alcohol addiction.

We want to empower victims and prevent violence.

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