The New Zealand Upgrade Programme

The New Zealand Upgrade Programme

Rail, roads, schools and hospitals will be built and upgraded across the country under the new $12 billion New Zealand Upgrade Programme announced by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

The programme:

  • Includes investments in roads, rail, hospitals and schools to future-proof the economy
  • Will give a $10 billion boost to New Zealand’s economy over the first five years
  • Includes transport projects to boost productivity and long-term growth

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to invest in New Zealand – modernising our infrastructure, preparing for climate change and helping grow the economy.

Delivering infrastructure for a modern NZ

Growing and modernising the NZ economy

Government of Infrastructure delivers for New Zealanders


Rail, roads, walking and cycling

The Government’s new investments in rail and roads will help future proof the economy, get our cities moving, and make our roads safer. The package reflects the Government’s balanced transport policy with $6.8 billion being invested in rail, roads, public transport and walking and cycling infrastructure across New Zealand.

Transport infrastructure upgrade to get NZ moving

Future proofing New Zealand's rail

For more information about individual transport projects, see the NZTA website.


Modernising our health facilities

This Government has made real progress rebuilding and strengthening our hospitals and public health services, but we know there’s more work to do. We’ve announced a further investment of $300 million into areas we know will make a real difference to people’s lives.

Key investments in child and maternal health include:

  • Upgraded neonatal care facilities at Counties Manukau, Auckland, Hutt Valley, and Capital & Coast
  • Investment in upgraded maternity facilities in Tairawhiti, South Canterbury and Hutt Valley DHBs
  • New and upgraded mobile dental clinics in Hawke’s Bay, Lakes and Wairarapa

A further investment of $96 million will fund mental health projects such as:

  • A new acute mental health facility at Tauranga Hospital
  • A new acute mental health facility Whakatane Hospital
  • A new acute mental health unit at Hutt Valley DHB
  • Completing the refurbishment of the mental health facility in Taranaki

This announcement will mean better health services for New Zealanders, and a more sustainable and secure future for our public health service.

Boost for child, maternity and mental health


A clean powered public service

Our Government is helping more hospitals, schools and other public organisations to switch to clean, climate-friendly ways of keeping people warm and the lights on.

The first projects announced under the $200 million for a clean powered public service are:

  1. Up to $2.4 million to replace a coal boiler at Ashburton Hospital
  2. Up to $4.8 million to replace coal boilers used for heating at eight schools this year, with biomass boilers
  3. Up to $2.8 million to upgrade Hillmorton Hospital’s mental health unit to a Green Star rating. Construction is expected to begin in 2020

Further projects will be announced soon.

Flicking the switch on a clean powered public service


Upgrading our schools

In December, our Government announced the first part of the New Zealand Upgrade Programme: a one-off cash injection for almost every state school to bring forward urgent school property improvements.

School property projects the investment can be spent on include:

  • Classroom upgrades, including making classrooms more flexible and modern
  • Replacing roofing and guttering
  • Upgrading storm water drainage systems
  • Installing energy efficient heating and lighting
  • Resurfacing outdoor courts and paved areas

The additional funding is available for 24 months, and some schools have already started work.

School infrastructure projects ramping up

Investment in schools – a commitment to communities

Government investing to future proof school property