Moving Forward - Land Transport Changes 10/11

Mark Gosche Transport

Working Together - Fact Sheet Six

Local authorities have indicated that they want to work
more cooperatively on transport matters and with Transit New Zealand. Several
councils already have developed, or are developing, arrangements with each other
or Transit for joint or delegated management of roads. These arrangements are
called 'clustering'. Marlborough District Council, for example, already
anticipates savings of some 10 to 20 per cent on road maintenance as a result of

Through a partnership arrangement, the Tauranga District Council and Transit
have jointly contracted to build New Zealand's largest single roading contract,
a new expressway giving Tauranga access to the north and west.

Auckland is also exploring clustering of its transport responsibilities. The
government is encouraging and participating in these discussions.

Existing legislation will be changed to clarify delegation powers and to
remove barriers to clustering.

Simplifying road management legislation

Road users can expect to benefit from a more coordinated approach to the
management of interconnecting road networks, and from lower costs for
maintaining and improving them.

As part of this land transport package, road management powers will be
simplified and consolidated into a single statute. This will be done without
making any significant changes to the nature and scope of road controlling
authorities' powers.