Building on trade links

John Key Prime Minister

Building on trade links

I've just returned from a very successful visit to four Latin American countries - Mexico, Colombia, Chile, and Brazil. My nine day visit, alongside 22 large Kiwi companies, was a chance for me to build connections with this part of the world. This will help Kiwi exporters and businesses get a foot in the door in the region.

Using my connections with world leaders is one of the most important things I can do as Prime Minister to help Kiwi companies grow, invest, and succeed. When our exporters are doing well, they employ more New Zealanders, providing a much-needed boost to our economy.

Next month, I'm off to China, where I plan to do the same thing - build on the already strong relationship between our two countries, underpinned by our free trade agreement.

Watch my latest video blog to find out more about the importance of my trade missions for New Zealand.