Budget 2021: Securing Our Recovery

Budget 2021: Securing Our Recovery

Budget 2021 will secure Aotearoa New Zealand’s recovery from COVID-19, creating jobs and investing to address the long-term challenges of child poverty, housing, and climate change.

Previous economic downturns have made inequality worse. We’re taking a different approach. By investing in those who need it most and tackling long-term issues, we are driving our recovery by reducing need while creating jobs and stimulus for our economy. 

Budget 2021 strikes a careful balance between securing Aotearoa’s economic recovery and keeping a lid on the debt we took on to protect lives and livelihoods during COVID-19. New Zealanders have weathered the storm of the pandemic – today we take the next steps in our recovery, together.

For details on the initiatives funded by Budget 2021, see below.

An economic recovery for all New Zealanders

Main benefit boost: up to 33,000 children lifted out of poverty

Budget shows stronger than expected economic recovery

Increased infrastructure investments secure economic recovery

Significant boost for Māori Housing in Budget 2021

Better childcare assistance for low and middle income families

Building stronger support for workers post COVID

Training Incentive Allowance to support 16,000 New Zealanders into jobs

Foundations laid for strong climate action

Budget makes more Kiwi homes warmer and reduces emissions across sectors

Budget boost to tackle on-farm emissions

A better health system for all New Zealanders

Rail keeps economic recovery on track

Government invests in the wellbeing of whānau Māori

Government supports Pacific people’s wellbeing approach to strengthen recovery efforts

Budget 2021 delivers on education plan

Backing small business as economy recovers

Stronger biosecurity protections at our border and for our iconic kauri

Funding for implementation of RMA reform

Prevention and community leadership key in Budget 2021 family violence, sexual violence funding

Budget 2021 safeguards the future of Scott Base