ACC levies 2002-2003 5/9

Lianne Dalziel Accident Insurance

ACC Levy Rates2002-2003 Employers' Account

At A Glance:

Current Rate average 2001-2002 per $100 of payroll New Average Rate 2002-2003 ACC
Recommended Rate
Department of Labour Recommended Rate
$0.90 $0.90 $0.85 $0.85


  • The account meets the cost of all workplace accidents since 1 July 2000.
  • 550 risk rated industry levy classes based on services provided or goods
    produced. Each class has an industry levy rate used to determine the employer's
    payable levy, based on liable earnings.
  • Employers have the opportunity to receive a levy discount of between
    10%-20%, in recognition for meeting and maintaining workplace safety standards
    under ACCWorkplace Safety Management Practices.
  • Large employers continue to have the option of becoming fully self-managing
    under the ACCPartnership Programme.

History Of Account

  • ACC has only had one year's experience with this account since its return to
  • Claim numbers for work-related accidents have increased slightly since March
    2001, and there is some evidence of an upward trend.
  • The following graphs show the claim frequency and cost of claims for both
    the employers' and self-employed accounts. Levy rates are determined using the
    claims cost per $1million liable earnings. The claim frequency tells us how
    often injuries happen, not how much they cost. The total claims cost takes into
    account both the frequency of accidents AND the severity (ie, the average cost
    per claim).