ACC levies 2002-2003 2/9

Lianne Dalziel Accident Insurance

ACC Levy
Rates 2002-2003

  • New rates take effect 1 April 2002, motor vehicle relicensing from 1 July
  • Recommendations include the expected impact of changes in the range and
    scope of benefits contained in the Injury Prevention, Rehabilitation and
    Compensation Act 2001.
  • Levies are calculated on a fully-funded basis.


  • ACC consultation on proposed rates commenced 23 August 2001 and closed 20
    September 2001. (Residual Claims Account consultation concluded 27 September.)
  • ACC Board recommends rates to the Minister for Accident Insurance, Gazetted
    18 October 2001.
  • Government considers the recommendations taking additional advice from the
    Department of Labour.
  • Government considers ACC recommendations and sets new rates for 2002/2003.