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Heather Roy

3 February, 2009

Through The Eyes Of The Warrior

Associate Minister of Defence Heather Roy was today at Waiouru's National Army Museum's to launch 'Te Mata Toa' ('Through the Eyes of the Warrior') - a new brand designed, in part, to display the endeavours of our forebears and current soldiers who helped mould the nation into what it is today.

"This museum is all about the stories of our forbears, and of the men and women of today's Army who continue to serve our country so well.  The museum wants to help build a sense of national identity by honouring the sacrifice and courage of our soldiers and telling their stories," Mrs Roy said.

"Te Mata Toa is the way forward to deliver on the museum's vision - that of delivering an engaging visitor experience where the public can take a look at the world through the eyes of the warrior.

"It is especially poignant that this day was to launch the new brand - on February 3 1915 New Zealand suffered its first fatal casualty of WWI when 6/246 Private William Ham of the Canterbury Infantry Battalion was killed in a clash against the Turks at the Suez Canal.

"Pvt Ham was the first of 16,697 New Zealanders killed in the conflict.  Their stories, and those of countless other Kiwi soldiers, are told at the National Army Museum.

"I applaud the Museum Trust Board in selecting this date.  In itself this move will help educate the nation about the courage, commitment, comradeship and integrity of New Zealand soldiers past and present," Mrs Roy said.

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