Science, innovation keys to economic growth

  • Wayne Mapp
Science and Innovation

Science and innovation are at the heart of the Goverment's economic agenda, Minister of Research, Science and Technology Wayne Mapp says.

"They are the main drivers of a 21st century economy. The decisions announced by the Prime Minister today are keys to economic growth and  improving New Zealanders' lives."

Dr Mapp said that the document Igniting Potential: New Zealand's Science and Innovation Pathway, also released today, sets out the changes the Government is making in the science sector.

"We are taking steps to improve New Zealand's science system, empower the people working within it, get better returns from public investment and direct Government support where it can make the most difference," he said.

"Igniting Potential outlines the actions the Government has taken to date and is a sign of its commitment to science and innovation-led economic growth.

"Over the past 16 months the Government has appointed Professor Sir Peter Gluckman as the Prime Minister's Chief Science Advisor. We have begun work on reforms to improve the performance of Crown Research Institutes. We have implemented clearer priorites for research and simplified the science system to make it more efficient and effective.

"Today's announcement also highlights that the Government's reforms will continue, with particular focus on initiatives to improve business R&D performance, science infrastructure and attracting top talent.

"Together these changes are the most significant our science system has seen in almost two decades.  They point the way to a better future for business, scientists and all New Zealanders," Dr Mapp said.