Richard Wood to lead Family Violence Taskforce

  • Tariana Turia
Social Development and Employment

Associate Minister for Social Development and Employment, Hon Tariana Turia, has welcomed Mr Richard Wood as the new Chair of the Taskforce for Action on Violence within Families.

Mr Wood replaces outgoing Chair Peter Hughes, the former Chief Executive of the Ministry of Social Development.

Mrs Turia said Mr Wood has been a very active member of the Taskforce since its establishment in 2005.

“He has an excellent knowledge of the Taskforce’s aims, past achievements and the challenges ahead”.

“The Taskforce is charged with looking at one of the most serious issues affecting our families – and that is the enduring damage caused by the impact of violence in their lives. I am confident that Mr Wood has the reputation and necessary skills to lead the Taskforce as it continues to address the elimination of family violence.”

Mr Wood begins his two-year appointment on 5 December.

The Taskforce for Action on Violence within Families co-ordinates government, non-government, judiciary and Crown efforts to minimise violence within families. It operates at Chief Executive level.

Mr Wood will be retiring in December from his position as Deputy Chief Executive of Family and Community Services within the Ministry of Social Development. He has worked in the public service for 47 years, and has a history of involvement in family violence prevention.

He has excellent knowledge of Taskforce business and its achievements and challenges. He has a thorough knowledge of government processes and is highly regarded across the sector.

“I am also taking this opportunity to acknowledge the outstanding leadership that Peter Hughes has provided in leading the Taskforce to this point”.