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John Key

22 June, 2009

One million Aussies break tourism record

More than one million Australian tourists visited New Zealand in the past year and Prime Minister and Minister of Tourism, John Key says that proves the wisdom of recent Government investment into the Australian market.

Statistics New Zealand figures released today show that 1,001,880 visitors arrived from Australia in the year to May, the first time more than a million visitors arrived from Australia in a 12 month period.

“Our decision in March to boost marketing in Australia by $2.5 million was based on very sound principles. In tough economic times the New Zealand market is still very accessible to Australians wanting to holiday, and we recognised the need to take advantage of that.”

Since the 100% New Zealand Pure campaign started 10 years ago the number of Australian visitors has almost doubled.

“Tourism New Zealand has seen increased awareness of New Zealand in Australia in recent months and highly competitive airfares, good seat capacity, and a favourable exchange rate are all working in our favour."

Tourism New Zealand today launched a promotional campaign to celebrate the one millionth visitor. The ‘Thanks a Million’ campaign will see two people win a millionaire’s holiday to New Zealand.

“The one millionth Australian visitor is a major milestone for the New Zealand tourism industry and a great achievement given the challenges being faced at the moment.”

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