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Murray McCully

11 October, 2009

NZ, Australia support tsunami recovery in Samoa

New Zealand and Australia will each contribute $5 million to the Government of Samoa to support its tsunami recovery and reconstruction efforts, Foreign Ministers Murray McCully and Stephen Smith announced today.

The tsunami, which struck on the morning of 29 September (Samoan time), has had a devastating impact, with tragic loss of life and injury to Samoans, New Zealanders, and Australians.

Australia and New Zealand have been working closely together, with Samoa, to provide assistance.

In the immediate aftermath of the tsunami both Australia and New Zealand provided substantial emergency assistance.

We are now able to offer further assistance as the recovery and reconstruction phase begins.

The Government of Samoa has been very effective in coordinating the response to the tsunami disaster, and is quickly identifying priorities for recovery and reconstruction.

This $A10 million trans-Tasman package of Budget support provides Samoa with the ability to rebuild its infrastructure, restore essential services, and begin the process of economic recovery.

The immediate priority will be rebuilding communities, including housing, water, power, and roads.

Both New Zealand and Australia have strong bilateral relationships and warm friendships with Samoa. Our assistance reflects this friendship with the Samoan people.

Australia and New Zealand will continue to coordinate our Samoan recovery and reconstruction efforts over the coming weeks.

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