North Korea nuclear test utterly deplorable

  • Gerry Brownlee
Foreign Affairs

Foreign Minister Gerry Brownlee has condemned today’s nuclear test by North Korea as utterly deplorable.

“This is the sixth nuclear test North Korea has conducted and appears to be the largest yet,” Mr Brownlee says.

“It follows two such tests last year and more than a dozen missile tests this year.

“North Korea has again demonstrated its complete disregard for its obligations under United Nations Security Council resolutions and for international norms against nuclear testing.

“Today’s test is a highly dangerous affront to the entire international community.

“North Korea has a choice. It can continue on this path, inviting further pressure and isolation and entrenching poverty and misery for its own people.

“Or it can choose membership of the international community and the security and prosperity that comes with it. Only North Korea can make this decision.

“New Zealand will join the international community in considering what further measures can be taken in response to this development.

“It is critical that all parties with an interest in supporting peace in the region think very carefully about what is needed to achieve a return to the negotiating table,” Mr Brownlee says.