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Tony Ryall

30 March, 2010

New Southern DHB roles announced

Health Minister Tony Ryall has announced the appointment of Errol Millar as the chair of the new Southern District Health Board, which is being formed by the amalgamation of the Southland and Otago DHBs.

Mr Ryall said, "Mr Millar is the current chair of the Otago DHB, and the deputy chair of the new board will be current Southland chair Paul Menzies."

"The Southern DHB comes into existence on 1 May, and will have a united board made up of all current appointed and elected members of both the Otago and Southland DHBs, until the local body elections at the end of the year."

The Southern DHB will also have a Crown Monitor, Stuart McLauchlan, who is currently performing that role with Southland DHB.

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