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Trevor Mallard

5 November, 2002

New secondary school approved for Christchurch

A new secondary school has been approved for Christchurch City, Education Minister Trevor Mallard announced today.

The new school, named “Unlimited”, will open in Term 1 next year for years 9 and 10 students, expanding to cater for all ages the following year.

The new school was promoted by the New Zealand Learning Discovery Trust.

“The Trust has identified a high level of interest in the school and has convinced me that there is a body of students who will benefit from an alternative education setting, “Trevor Mallard said.

The Trust had previously established a new primary school, Discovery One, which opened in Christchurch City last year. That school has been highly successful.

The new school will be a designated character school - a special type of state school allowed for under the Education Act.

“The designated character of the school is a discovery learning approach. This is where students, in collaboration with their teachers and appropriate other adults, will direct their own learning by determining their areas of study and their own style and mode of study. The Trust’s view is that the special character of the new school will ensure that students will access learning, which differs significantly from the education they would get at a traditional state secondary school.”

The school will be established in leasehold premises close to the central city amenities and to the business and commercial community with whom links and partnerships will be established.

“The school will be an exciting development on the Christchurch City education scene and will provide a new option for students at a vital time in their lives.

“I’d like to congratulate the Trust on the success of its application. Because of their vision, enthusiasm and drive, the proposal has advanced to the stage where it has become reality.”

An establishment board of trustees is now to be appointed to oversee the setting up of the school.

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