New Partnership to drive data innovation

  • Craig Foss
  • Bill English
Statistics Finance

New Zealand will gain significant economic and social benefits from the formation of the New Zealand Data Futures Partnership, Finance Minister Bill English and Statistics Minister Craig Foss say.

The Partnership — an independent group made up of members from the private, NGO, academic and public sectors — will champion the safe collection, use and sharing of government and business data.

“The volume of data held by the public and private sectors is growing exponentially,” Mr English says.

“The Partnership will be a driving force behind the safe use of data to innovate and tackle real world problems like child poverty and crime.”

The Data Futures Partnership is an extension of the New Zealand Data Futures Forum — set up to explore the opportunities, risks and benefits of sharing data.

“We have an opportunity to create more value for New Zealanders by enabling agencies and entities to more effectively use and share their data,” Mr Foss says.

“The Partnership will complement other data initiatives which enable the Government to deliver better services to the public and ensure investment is made where it’s needed most.”

“Having a collective voice to guide the safe, productive and trusted use of data is vital.”

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