Massey to host $5m Food Safety Research Centre

  • Jo Goodhew
  • Steven Joyce
Science and Innovation Food Safety

Science and Innovation Minister Steven Joyce and Food Safety Minister Jo Goodhew today announced that Massey University will host the new Food Safety Science and Research Centre.

The Centre will promote, co-ordinate, and deliver food safety science and research for New Zealand. It was a key recommendation from the Government Inquiry into the Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC) Contamination Incident.

“New Zealand’s food exports are dependent on a robust and internationally credible food safety system,” Mr Joyce says. “It is vital therefore that New Zealand is a visible leader in food safety science and research, and remains a producer of trusted, high-quality food products.”

Massey University was selected by the Science Board following a request for proposals process. The Centre will be managed by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment and the Ministry for Primary Industries.

The $5 million Centre will benefit from strong links with industry and will be co-funded by Government and industry partners, Mrs Goodhew says.

“By working with the food industry, the Centre will ensure the delivery of excellent food safety science and research while reducing the risks of foodborne illness.”

The Food Safety Science and Research Centre is part of an overall Government package of improvements to ensure NZ’s food safety system remains at the forefront internationally. The Centre is expected to open in mid-2015.