Largest ever meth bust at border

The Minister of Police says an operation to shatter a multi-million dollar international drug ring will have a significant impact on the methamphetamine trade that causes huge harm in our communities.

Police announced today the largest ever seizure of methamphetamine at the border, with 713 kilograms worth roughly $250 million on the street being intercepted under the 6-month long Operation Regis.

“Three quarters of a tonne of methamphetamine will never make it onto our streets or into our communities as a result of this great work. I want to congratulate Police, Customs, and international partners for helping to make our communities safer,” Ginny Andersen said.

Six men have been arrested in Auckland and are due to appear in Court.

“Organised crime causes real harm in our communities. The Government is committed to giving Police the tools and resources to disrupt and dismantle the networks behind meth and other illegal drugs.

“We’ve invested significantly in Police and they’ll soon have an additional 700 staff working on disrupting organised crime.

“These National Organised Crime teams are on the front line of organised crime. They undertake important work such as investigating financial crime, including asset recovery and money laundering.

“The Government has also given Police new powers to seize criminal assets, with new laws last year to strip gang members of the benefits of their criminal activity.

“This change reverses the onus of proof on criminals, who now have to prove to the Court they came to possess their assets legitimately.

This bust shows that by giving Police the resources they need we can stop organised criminals in their tracks,” Ginny Andersen said.