Kaipara District Council Commissioners reappointed

  • Louise Upston
Local Government

Associate Minister of Local Government Hon Louise Upston has today announced the three Commissioners appointed to the Kaipara District Council in 2012 are to be re-appointed for a further year.

“The Commissioners have made significant progress in addressing the Council’s issues and improving its performance,” Ms Upston said. “When I visited the Kaipara district in February it was clear to me there is widespread support for the Commissioners in the district, and they have made substantial progress in rebuilding the relationship between the Council and the communities of Kaipara.”

The Council will now have an election in October 2016, the same as with triennial general elections for all local authorities.

“When an election is held, it is important that stable governance is achieved in Kaipara, and the mistakes of the past do not happen again. I don’t consider that current circumstances lend themselves to achieving this if an election is held in October 2015. The re-appointment of the Commissioners until October 2016 gives the district the best chance of getting the stable governance it deserves.”

Commissioners will perform and exercise the responsibilities, duties and powers of the Council. Their Terms of Reference will require them to continue to address outstanding matters relating to their initial appointment, such as continuing to build confidence and trust in the Council, and to work to build capability and capacity within the Council organisation.

A key part of the Commissioners’ work will be to develop an exit plan to facilitate a successful transition to elected governance in 2016.

“It is important that Kaipara has a strong, stable and transparent Council providing the services Kaipara needs, at a cost ratepayers can afford. I am committed to working with the Commissioners to lay the groundwork for the Council’s long-term success under elected representation.”