Improvements sought for forestry scheme

  • Jo Goodhew
Primary Industries

A review to increase uptake for the Permanent Forest Sink Initiative is underway and the government is seeking feedback from industry on the proposed changes, says Associate Primary Industries Minister Jo Goodhew.

Introduced in 2006, the Permanent Forest Sink Initiative was the first national scheme that allowed forest landowners to earn emissions units for the carbon stored within their forests.

“The scheme has been successful on a relatively small scale, with just 16,000 hectares of land under permanent forest,” says Mrs Goodhew. “We recognised that improvements to its administration could make it more appealing to landowners.

“Discussions began with current scheme participants as part of the formal review in late 2013 which has led to the suite of proposals that we are now consulting on.

“For this consultation process to be a success it is vital that we receive feedback from stakeholders with an interest in forestry management, climate change, and sustainable land management matters.

“The scheme offers many benefits outside of long-term carbon storage. Permanent forest cover is the most sustainable land use for large areas of erosion-prone hill country. It reduces sedimentation of rivers, improves water quality and reduces flood risk.”

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