Funding boost for budgeting services

  • Paula Bennett
Youth Affairs Social Development

Social Development Minister Paula Bennett has announced a funding boost for community groups providing budgeting services.

A one-off boost of $589,000 will benefit 155 organisations currently funded by the Ministry of Social Development to deliver budgeting services.

“In recognition of the fact these services are coping with an increased demand, this funding is designed to alleviate some of that pressure.”

The Government spends $8.9 million a year on budgeting services, funding 155 organisations which aim to:

  • encourage people to take responsibility for their financial resources
  • support people to alleviate harm from escalating financial problems
  • increase financial knowledge and competence in the community.

“Budgeting service providers have a vital role in the community and can help families to really take control of their finances and avoid the pitfalls that see them falling behind with mounting bills,” says Mrs Bennett.

“Future Focus changes have seen Work and Income refer more people to budgeting services, and this funding acknowledges that extra demand.”

The average amount budgeting service providers receive from MSD is $56,600, with twenty providers receiving over $100,000.

“This funding boost will be distributed equitably among 155 organisations,” says Mrs Bennett.

More information about budget services funded by the Ministry of Social Development can be found on