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Maurice Williamson

10 November, 2010

Customs Minister announces trans-Tasman time release study

Customs Minister Maurice Williamson, and Brendan O'Connor, Australia's Minister for Home Affairs, are pleased to announce the release of the first trans-Tasman time release study (TRS) which looks at how quickly imported cargo is released by Customs.

The study highlights the performance of each country's Customs Service and has measured and mapped the clearance process for exports and imports traded between both countries.

Key findings from the study show New Zealand Customs clears cargo for release efficiently with most imported cargo from Australia cleared for release prior to the arrival of the vessel it is aboard. The Australia-New Zealand CER contributes to this faster processing, with cargo from Australia cleared faster than that from other countries.

This level of performance provides benefits to importers and exporters in both economies.

Further ways to streamline trans-Tasman trade were identified. Some measures already being worked on include advanced reporting of Customs' requirements prior to the cargo's arrival in the country, risk management, and assistance to small and medium enterprises.

The joint project by the New Zealand Customs Service and the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service is the first TRS between two countries to apply the World Customs Organization's guidelines on time release studies. 

The Trans-Tasman time release study is available on the New Zealand Customs Service website www.customs.govt.nz

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