Crown Manager to support Kaipara District Council

  • Jacqui Dean
Local Government

Associate Minister of Local Government Jacqui Dean has announced the appointment of Peter Winder as Crown Manager to support the Kaipara District Council.

Mr Winder will begin his appointment from 20 June and will provide direction to the Council on a range of historic legal cases. This will enable the Council to focus on its day-to-day work without the distractions of managing these historic legal cases.

“Mr Winder is a good candidate for the Crown Manager, given his extensive experience as a local government leader and his previous work with the Council,” Ms Dean says.

“Mr Winder brings in-depth knowledge of the local government sector and, being a previous Commissioner and Crown Manager, understands the Kaipara District and its stakeholders.

“Mr Winder has been appointed to this role until the 2019 Local Government election but the Government will review the need for this appointment in June 2018.

“The Kaipara District Council has made good progress and I see Crown support as a temporary measure. I wish to see the Council use this period when Crown support is in place to strengthen its corporate and legal capacity,” Ms Dean says.