Councils infrastructure under spot light

  • Chris Tremain
Local Government

Local Government Minister Chris Tremain today released a report looking at improving the cost-effectiveness of councils’ provision of infrastructure.

The Local Government Infrastructure Efficiency Expert Advisory Group was established last September to provide independent advice on ways councils can reduce costs in infrastructure without compromising quality.

“The Expert Advisory Group was established as part of the Better Local Government programme focussed on improving efficiency,” says Mr Tremain.

“The group has canvassed a wide range of areas for potential improvements. The Government will now consider the recommendations in consultation with the local government sector before making final decisions.

“I would like to thank the Expert Advisory Group members for their contribution. The combined experience of the group members is reflected in the breadth and depth of the report. It has some far-reaching proposals such as greater use of shared services, simplifying the planning framework and standardised reporting of infrastructure.”

The Expert Advisory Group was chaired by Fran Wilde QSM CNZM. The members were Liz Anderson, Alan Bickers, Philip Cory-Wright, Josephine Grierson, Stephen Selwood and Jeremy Sole.

The report is available on the Department of Internal Affairs’ website