Adoption arrangement with Russia finalised

  • Paula Bennett
Social Development and Employment Youth Affairs

Social Development Minister Paula Bennett welcomes an arrangement allowing New Zealand families to apply to adopt Russian children.

In July ICANZ (Inter Country Adoption New Zealand) received a permit from Russia to operate an adoption programme.

Since then, Government officials from both countries have met to clarify how the adoption process will work.

“There are New Zealand families waiting to be able to adopt a child from overseas and for them, this will be welcome news,” says Ms Bennett.

The Russian children in need of adoptions are likely to be school aged and may have health needs or disabilities.

“I know there are Kiwi families who’re more than capable of providing a loving and caring home for those children who need it,” says Ms Bennett.

Russian adoptions were suspended in 2006 due to uncertainties with the process, and work began on strengthening adoption protocols in Russia.

New Zealand is party to the Hague Convention on intercountry adoptions, but Russia isn’t.

Russia has now agreed to an arrangement that is consistent with the Hague Convention.

People interested in applying to adopt a child from Russia should seek advice from ICANZ about the process, including costs and timeframes.

ICANZ can be contacted at: